Saturday, September 8, 2012


The evTD came home today. Robert wanted to buff out a bit of the paint on the front fenders that he wasn't 100% happy with and wound up buffing out the whole car and waxing it for good measure before he delivered it to my garage. It's gorgeous!

Robert installed the hinges and latches for the hood and deck lids and the fit is perfect. It took no small amount of finesse and skill to turn what was clearly a home-built kit into a hand crafted custom.

The doors also are correctly aligned and close with a solid factory "thunk" instead of the somewhat askew, not quite right "clink-jingle" they did when I got the car.

The spare tire mounted to the rear deck is real and secure. It hides the air vent for the motor compartment.

The motor and controller look like they were meant to be here. There was a small amount of trimming required to clear the Impulse9 motor, but it's not visible when the deck lid is closed.

All of the batteries are installed and secured. All that remains is for me to finish the traction pack and 12 volt system wiring, then install the charger, DC/DC converter, aux battery, dashboard, lights, mirrors, windshield, convertible top, seats and interior. All in two weeks. And leave time to shake-down any issues with the driveline and get it inspected before we load it up for the trip to Cape Girardeau for EVCCON 2012. You may not see any more updates between now and then, but I will do a video walk-around once we are finished, so stay tuned ...