Monday, December 17, 2012

Doing What It Does Best

Now that the evTD is essentially done (no project like this is ever truly "finished"), it's been a pleasure to get some productive use out of the car. It's my daily choice for those errands I cover alone; the bank, the post office, orchestra rehearsals and the like. The Leaf is still the vehicle of choice when the wife and mother-in-law are riding along - those hairdos cost too much to let them blow away in the hurricane force breeze generated in an open car with a flat vertical windscreen. That said, I have gotten the wife out for a joy ride or two if it's the day before her hair salon appointment!

The kids, too, have enjoyed a spin in the car. Here's son Fred III with the lovely Tiffany:

And daughter Becky with her then-fiance Erik. One thing led to another, and Erik called last week to ask if he could borrow the evTD to use as a get-away vehicle after their wedding reception last Saturday. How could I refuse?

We think Erik is a great guy for our precious daughter, and he clearly has excellent taste in women and motoring.

Photo courtesy Ever After Images

And they're off to their honeymoon!