Sunday, May 29, 2016

Adventures in EV Land

I've consolidated this project blog with my PorschEV and eBugeye pages so there is one point of reference for all of the family EV's, including the commercial ones, from now on. The old pages will stay for reference, but new activity for everything will be posted to:

Adventures in EV Land

Thanks for your interest!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Turning Over a New Leaf

It's been a very long time since there's been anything to report on this blog, so I think we'll share this news here.

No, I didn't have the Leaf painted, that's a brand new 2016 Leaf! The 2011 Silver Leaf had refused to start in the middle of an errand last week and no amount of coaxing on my part would get it moving. After having it towed to the dealer, they tried a new 12 volt battery with no luck and waited for a visit from the "Leaf Specialist". The verdict was a failed DC/DC converter and heater element. The heater had died last winter (of course) and they quoted $4,000 to repair, so I figured I could wear a coat and gloves instead. Well, they are somehow inter-related (doesn't make sense, but ok) and the DC/DC is covered under the EV Components warranty but the heater element (not covered) would still be $2,600. Long story short, I sat down with the leasing manager and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse: Walk away from the Silver Leaf with three months remaining on the lease term, put the $2,600 I would have spent on the repair plus first month down on a new three year lease. New car, full warranty, $100/month less than my old lease. The three year term should tie out with the realistic availability of my new Tesla Model 3. Did I mention I put a deposit on a Model 3 along with 350,000 of my closest friends?

So the evTD has a new room mate. The Porsche, too. Click here for the Berthing Arrangements.