Friday, April 27, 2012


Before doing any conversion work, a great deal of restoration is in order. The chrome, windshield, seat, interior and dashboard had to be removed so the body work and paint can be done.

Starting with this:

We end up looking like this:

And this:

With a stack of bumpers, windshield, grill, seats, dashboard and other miscellaneous bits awaiting reinstallation.

Empty shell ready to tow off to Bob and Keith at Pro Automotive for a facelift.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Video Introduction

An introductory video on the evTD project aired April 20, 2012 on EVTV.ME. If you're not familiar with EVTV, it is a weekly internet video show focused on Electric Vehicles with a how-to format that has provided the inspiration and much of the information for guys like me who are converting cars to electric power in their garages at home. Jack Rickard and Brian Noto host the show and it is always informative and thought provoking.

Friday, April 13, 2012

evTD Project Overview

Fred Behning's evTD Project

Having completed the eBugeye project, I was struck with the fact that my EV was running great and didn't need me any more. Another opportunity appeared in the form of a forlorn replica of an early 1950's MG TD that was built around 1983 on a 1973 Volkwagen Beetle chassis.

It was sitting on a side street in my neighborhood, and the first time I inquired about the car, I was told that it had been sold and was scheduled to be picked up the next day. Two weeks later it was still there, so knocking on the door again, I learned that the sale had fallen though and the asking price was very reasonable. So another project is now in my garage. Here are a few more views as it sat on the street.

The chrome and canvas were in remarkably good condition, but the gel coat (color) had faded from exposure to the Texas sun. The passenger side floorboard had rusted away and there were mud dauber nests everywhere. Looked like a perfect project!