Saturday, May 26, 2012

Body Work in Process

The body work is under way, and some real progress is being made. The body has been removed from the VW chassis and repair and paint prep is in process.

Replacement floor pans for the VW chassis have been ordered, and the entire unit will be coated in tough spray-on pickup bed liner as will the inside of the body and under the fenders.

The objective will be to have a finished car resembling this one:

I discovered the paint code for the original color, Old English Ivory, and plan to combine that with the original red upholstery for this look.


  1. Boy Fred, have got your work cut out for you!? Nothing that looks too difficult mind you, but that is the rottenest VW pan I've seen. The car will look gorgeous in that English Ivory. I wish I lived near by to offer a helping hand :)

    Tim Catellier

    1. Sorry, Tim, I hadn't noticed your comment until now. New to the blogging game, I guess. Anyway, thanks for the offer of a helping hand. I know as soon as I get the car back from the shop I'll have an intense summer getting it ready for EVCCON. Are you planning to be there? I didn't see your Z3 in the car list, hope the short has been sorted out and you're back on the road.

      My Dad is coming with me this year. I enjoyed meeting your father last year and it gave me the idea to invite mine.

    2. Even though you have a tremendous amount of work to do to get the car ready for EVCCON, I'm completely jealous. I loved building the car and would do it again in a heart beat. I draw the line at disassembling my first build though. Something you clearly have no fear of doing! A man to be admired for sure.

      I will be at EVCCON this year, sans BMW. My dad is coming with me again this year too. I'm thrilled to hear your father will be joining us; I look forward to meeting him.