Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Motor Arrives and Controller Mount

The Netgain Impulse9 motor arrived from Rebirth Auto and it's a beauty!  The adapter plate is milled from aluminum billet and it is a work of art.  They installed the adapter and added a Kennedy Stage 4 clutch pack, so the motor assembly is ready to install.  You can check the specifications here:

Robert Juarez is wrapping up the fabrication and has welded up a very elegant support for the Soliton1 controller.

 The controller platform will span the space over the motor in the rear of the car and give good access to the wiring connections.

The platform will be welded to the rear subframe.  The areas on either side of the platform will be filled in with diamond plate shelves and provide space for the emergency contactor and coolant pump.

The battery platforms are also nearing completion, so it looks like the chassis will be ready go back to Pro Automotive next week for the brakes, shocks, and motor installation. Stay tuned ...

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