Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spec Sheets and Handouts

I'm taking the evTD to the "Maker Faire" show tomorrow, and based on a comment from Jarkko Santala, I'll be adding a clear acrylic cover to the component box so people can satisfy their curiosity about what's in there. It also occurred to me that I should put together some info sheets and signage to answer some of the recurring questions that are likely to come up.

First I printed out the contents of this blog and organized the pages in a three ring binder.

That way I can show the steps involved from beginning to completion. Or people can leaf through at their leisure if I'm in a conversation with someone else.

I also put together some placards that give basic information at a glance. These can fit against the front of the windscreen, held in place by the windshield wipers.

It also occurred to me that it would be nice to provide a take-away sheet for people who show real interest and might like to follow up. I'm only printing twenty five, so these are not for everyone, and I'll have to be a bit selective on how they're distributed. Here's the front and back:

and the inside:

I'm also designing some simple business cards that point to this blog for further information. Seems the last time I did a car show I had to write it down about a hundred times.


  1. The quick facts were very helpful for us online readers as well. Thanks!

  2. I also have my site URL printed on my motorcycle so people can go there without having to ask anything.