Saturday, June 2, 2012

More activity in the Body Shop

Robert Juarez at Jaurez Bros. Classics is making great strides with the body restoration. He's sanded all the fiberglass and begun spraying on the primer. It's looking very smooth.

The old VW engine has been removed and the new floor pans were delivered. I also picked up all the painting supplies. We settled on a Chrysler color, Cool Vanilla paint code WPG, that is close to the now-unavailable Old English Ivory but should be easy to match in the instance of a repair or touch-up later. Robert says it's a great color and very forgiving, whatever that means.

We're beginning to plan for battery placement, and Robert will fabricate the battery supports and is already thinking about weight and the car's overall balance. We'll locate and install the batteries before we reassemble the body to minimize lift-over and potential damage to the fresh paint job.

Also on order is spray-on pickup bed liner, very tough stuff that will coat the chassis and protect under the fenders. We'll also coat the interior with the bed liner to provide sound deadening and a scuff-free base for the upholstery and interior panels.

Robert gave me a large and very heavy bag containing all the nuts, bolts, and washers he removed when he disassembled the body. My next job is to sort all of that out by size and get stainless steel replacement hardware so we can put it all back together again. I have a feeling it's all going to happen pretty quickly now that the floor pans and paint are in the shop.

The eBugeye has been advertised on the EV Trading Post and local Austin Healey Club newsletter. At Rich Rodriguez' suggestion I'll be adding it to the EV Classifieds and EV Finder next week. Much as I'd love to keep all my builds, space and finances just don't allow, so let your friends know that there's a great little project waiting for them to take home.

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