Saturday, November 16, 2013

IBM Club Car Show

The IBM Club Car show, which had been scheduled for October 31, was delayed until November 14 after a heavy rain put the original date in doubt. Nov 14 dawned clear and a brisk 36 degrees. I washed the evTD and set out for the IBM office complex, fingers and ears frozen in the open roadster.

I spent the final twelve years of my IBM career here, and it felt good to be back on the campus.

The car show was held in conjunction with the IBM Club Chile Cook-off  so there was a good employee crowd turnout during the lunch hour.

The cars arrived during the early morning hours, and the event sponsors thought my motor must have conked out as I pulled up to the registration tent. After explaining that the evTD was all-electric, they put me in the "Green Cars" category.

There was a nice turnout of cars, from well shined Corvettes, Mustangs, and BMWs to custom and exotic sports cars. The majority of the car owners seem to be retirees, which makes sense. I never had time for much in the way of hobbies while spending every waking hour focussed on the business of IBM.

I absolutely love Scott Reid's Lamborghini Miura

Gorgeous Custom 1940 Chevy

1967 Camaro SS

1950 Chevy five window pickup

1934 Plymouth - Beautiful!

1960 Corvette

Down to the end of this row are the other entries in the "Green Car" category. Brian Lasseter's Saturn has 50 CALB SE cells and a Zilla 1K controller, a very nice build. The other "Green Car" was a new Chevy Volt.
The evTD won the "Green Car" class and took home this shiny new hood ornament.
It turned out to be a great day with large crowds of tech-savvy and inquisitive IBMers. I enjoyed being in "Trade Show" mode, explaining the technical and practical aspects of my build. The ride home was a joy as well with temperatures in the mid seventies, a lovely autumn day in Austin.

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