Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wedding Bells, Part Deux

We started the new year with another featured role in the marriage ceremony for a special young couple. Matt and Leah are the newlyweds who asked to use the evTD as the getaway vehicle from their wedding reception. Leah is the daughter of my good friend from IBM days, Mark Kressin. Mark had seen and shared the photos of my own daughter's wedding last year. 

My daughter Becky and hubby Erik, married last year
Mark's wife, Gloria, and daughter Leah looked them over and thought that the evTD would add the perfect sizzle to cap their festivities. And since it always takes two to make a wedding, a Bride and her Mother, the deal was sealed.

The wedding and reception took place in the rotunda of the Bob Bulloch museum near the University of Texas campus, a truly spectacular location. The ceremony was touching, the dinner and dancing delightful. We met and mingled with the new couple's families and friends and felt honored to be a part of the occasion.

Throwing rice as the couple makes their exit has fallen out of favor, so we were given sparklers to light the way as Matt and Leah began their new life together.

Leah and Matt getting ready to ride off into the sunset
The evening chill had set in by the time for the grand departure, but the kid's didn't let that spoil their fun. As the reception was dying down, I had given Matt the key and some fairly incoherent instruction on how an Electric Vehicle is driven differently from your garden variety gas car. He didn't have a bit of trouble once he found the brake pedal.

The wedding photographers had gone on ahead to set up for some shots in front of the Texas state capitol and the Austin chic hotel on South Congress where Matt and Leah would spend the night.

Here is a sample of their work for the wedding album and I must say that I'm impressed! The dramatic lighting and composition are stunning. The kids seem to be enjoying themselves, too. Looks like something out of The Great Gatsby, very elegant and a wonderful keepsake.

Wedding photography by Eric Kotara

The evTD makes a really nice prop and I'm so happy that Matt and Leah enjoyed the fantasy. Earlier, as I was parking the car in front of the museum, a couple of ladies (obviously a Bride and her Mother) stopped their car and rolled down the window to ask if my classic car was available for rent. Seems they were in the planning stages for an October wedding and the evTD caught their eye, so I gave them one of my business cards. Maybe I'm not so retired after all ...

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  1. What a great story! It's easy to see why people would want the evTD as part of the back drop in their photos. It adds a bit to class where ever it goes.