Friday, August 23, 2013

EVCCON 2013 Part III

Saturday morning opened with a presentation from Anne Kloppenborg of New Electric and EVTV Europe. Anne's video pretty much speaks for itself:

Anne is a very energetic and positive guy with a bunch of irons in the fire. Lots of fun to be around. He participated with Jack Rickard and several others on a discussion of entrepreneurship that pretty much helped me conclude that an entrepreneur I'm not.

Following the morning session came lunch and the car show. I hitched a ride back to the hangar and picked up the evTD. After a five mile blast up I55, we took our place among the other gorgeous EVs and chatted with all who happened by. I did several interviews like this one for KCRU

Al Gajda's amazing 1939 Dodge Truck
Pikes Peak winning BMW from EV West
Beautiful interior of Robert Salem's TVR
Lots of legroom in Brandon Hollinger's London Taxi
Jack Rickard's Tesla Model S
Jack Rickard chatting with Brian Seymour of HPEVS
Jack Rickard chatting with Toni Seymour of HPEVS
Brian Seymour's Corvette with Dual AC35's
My evTD on display
Dad is ready to field any questions about the evTD

Continued in Part IV ...

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