Monday, August 5, 2013

On our way to EVCCON and AutoBlock Amp Success

Dad arrived from North Carolina on Saturday and we're taking off for EVCCON today. What a change from last year when we delayed our departure in a mad dash to finish up the car, then drove 800 miles to Cape Girardeau in one very long day. This year we made some very minor tweaks to the car: Put some rubber sheet over the steering shaft hole on the front of the body, adjusted the steering stop to give the car a sharper turn radius, and added a trim piece to cover the steering shaft crush piece where it passes through the firewall. On top of that, with the weather forecast calling for rain all week, we picked up a car cover and tarp to try to avoid last year's arrival with an inch of rainwater on the floor of the car.

Earlier in the week, the completely re-engineered AutoBlockAmp arrived from RechargeCar. I've been an early tester on this, and I'm delighted to report that IT WORKS! It tracks current usage to drive a tach/ammeter and fuel gauge so the analog dials on the dashboard actually do something useful. They preprogrammed it before sending it, and I think some calibration will be needed on the fuel gauge, but the ammeter agrees with my JLD 404 meter, so it's good. It's a beautiful piece of bling to add to my electronics panel under the hood.

I'll do a full report on EVCCON after we get back. Stay tuned ...

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  1. Fred, I hope you have fun there. I've just settled into my new life here in Thailand, and I gave up on Jack's ego and opinions after his donation to the NRA after the Newtown shooting, so EVCCON this year is a definite no-go for me. Stay dry!