Friday, August 23, 2013

EVCCON 2013 Part I

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

EVCCON 2013 was marked by a full week of rain storms during a time of the year when Missouri ordinarily endures hot and dry conditions. Maybe it was to honor the visionaries gathered to celebrate Magnetic Drive that the rain gods unleashed their unseasonable deluge. Or maybe we were just in the right place at the wrong time. At any rate, it was a week of information, fun, fellowship, and fine food, even if we did have to swab the decks a time or two.

The conference began with an open house and buffet at the EVTV garage. We got our special "Co-Hostage" shirt and other registration materials and enjoyed the fine spread and open bar as we got acquainted and reacquainted with the attendees.

My father once again accompanied me on the trip (thanks, Dad!).  We arrived earlier than last year, but many cars were already in the shop and spilling out the doors, so we parked out front.

Photos courtesy Duane Lindsey

Yes, that's Brandon Hollinger's Electric London Taxi behind the evTD and we're blocking Jack Rickard's brand new Tesla Model S. Here are several other shots of the evTD open for inspection:

After an overnight deluge proved that our "water-resistant" car cover was not the same as "water-proof", we found a helpful hotel employee who brought a mop and bucket so we could sop up the inch of rainwater standing on the floorboard.

Home base for this year's EVCCON was the A. C. Brase Arena, a beautiful art deco facility with plenty of room and the added bonus of RV outlets all around the parking lot, perfect for EV charging.

Two and a half days of sessions were informative and interesting, with speakers ranging from New Zealand to the Netherlands to Great Britain, as well as Jack Rickard's description of battery chemistry for dummies. 
The meals were seriously delicious, and gave time to chat with folks who were EV builders and folks still in the planning stages. A great deal of the value in EVCCON is making contacts and sharing experiences with other attendees.

Evenings were spent checking out the cars that came to the convention and rubbing shoulders with their owners.

Rich Rodriguez's lovely Porsche 914

Steve Woodruff's Leaf Stretch Limo (in progress)

Shortened two door Prius

Gary Bulmer's Blakely Bearcat and Mark & John Bishop's Morris Minor. The Morris took First Place in the Car Show!

Illuminati Motor Works Seven

Nabil Hanke's Bradley GT II

Michael Harris' VW Cabriolet and Jeff Southern's VW Thing. The Thing took the "Best of Show" award!

Dale Friedhoff's Ford Ranger took Second Place in the Car Show!

 Continued in Part II ...

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